• Regular and certified translations
  • Technical translations
  • Financial and legal translations
  • IT translations
  • Medical translations
  • Marketing translations

We prepare translations in all world languages and tailor them to our individual customers’ needs.

A certified (‘sworn’) translation is legally valid. It is a document signed and stamped by a sworn translator officially registered with the Ministry of Justice. You should order this kind of translation when you need, for example, to translate certificates, diplomas, notary deeds, official letters from state offices, vehicle registration documents, invoices or agreements to be submitted to a court. We will always tell you if a sworn translation is necessary in your specific case. Sometimes a high-quality ordinary translation will do.

Each text is translated by a top-notch translator who is also a specialist in the given field. We work with philologists, native speakers, lawyers, engineers and experts in the biological sciences. We will provide you with a translation that is excellent in terms of both content and language. As a matter of principle, our translations are made to correspond 100% to the original, including formatting.

A technical translation is a unique kind of specialist translation. We work with engineers specialising in aviation, transport, power engineering, chemistry and other similar industries. They have thorough knowledge of the foreign language in their field of specialisation, so your translation is guaranteed to contain no substantive errors. Upon request, the translation can also be checked by a philologist to ensure the beauty of the language used. We prepare every document in compliance with strict standards.

As always, top quality comes standard.