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Desktop publishing refers to all the different tasks that go into preparing your text in printed form. DTP includes typesetting, drawings, proofreading, prepress and printing service orders.

You can choose any of these options individually, or entrust all stages of DTP to us. For files containing tables, charts or drawings, we always suggest typesetting, which improves the text’s legibility. You do not have to print your publication – you will receive a perfectly prepared PDF from us. If you wish to alter your text, order a proofreading service from us: we will spot and fix every comma. If you want to have your text printed, but do not have time to prepare all the materials and call a printing house, we can do this for you as well. We will also deliver a ready publication to you upon request. All you have to do is to look forward to the moment when you get your text in printed form.

As always, top quality comes standard.