Law and Finance

Finance and law

From notary deeds, to international agreements and high-level bilateral contracts, to audits of global corporations – all around us, documents are circulating that organize and transform our reality. Their uninterrupted flow is also a result of our translations.

Big politics and big business are driven by words translated into the partner’s language.

We know this well and take care to ensure our translations are completely confidential, precise and delivered on time.

We provide regular translation services to numerous law offices and internal corporate legal departments in both the Polish and international markets. Our regular co-operation assures our customers that we fully recognise their needs and their own unique way of working. We provide translations and interpretations to meet any deadline and in any language combination. We can find an interpreter for a meeting of politicians and financiers from any country.

When an American government document has to be translated as soon as possible, we can do it! Even when the document needs to be in Burmese.

We regularly translate audit documents for one of the Big Four companies. We are a trusted partner of a global intergovernmental institution based near the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have translated documents for the biggest military pact between Western countries. We believe that the future is created today, so we co-operate with universities educating future lawyers and financiers.

We play our own, small part in creating new world orders. To put it simply: we give you our word!