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  • conference
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Conference interpretation is an oral translation service provided during a meeting, and is meant to convey the speaker’s words as well as his or her characteristic style of speech, tone and beliefs. We work with interpreters who can be discreet yet indispensable participants in meetings. We offer interpreting services in all languages in every field – both your and your guests’ speeches will always be interpreted by a specialist. We also provide conference equipment upon request.

Simultaneous interpretation is the Mount Everest of translation. It takes place in a soundproof booth, where the interpreter translates the speaker’s words into a foreign language, while the translation is heard by conference participants via headphones. This type of interpretation is always handled by two alternating interpreters, since the level of concentration they need and stress they experience while working is comparable to that of a passenger plane pilot. However, there’s no need to worry: we will entrust our interpretation services during your conference to first-class specialists with nerves of steel.

Consecutive interpretation is used most often during speeches, official galas, business meetings, specialist meetings or conversations in small groups. The interpreter stands or sits beside the speaker and repeats successive parts of his speech in a foreign language. What counts here is the interpreter’s linguistic mastery, composure, good memory and often creativity. Our interpreters have all these qualities. You can rest assured that your conference will be successful.