When you walk in the door, you are surrounded by warmth and greeted by your best friend. That trusty pal who is always great company and whose wisdom you can rely on in any situation. You reach confidently for the shelf, and . . . Yes, we love books, too. And the feeling seems to be mutual.

We give our heart, time and understanding to publishers who partner with us.

We offer translations in all language pairs, including ‘exotic’ languages.

We provide linguistic and content editing, proofreading and typesetting.

We catch every misplaced comma – and we correct it. Our specialists already have experience working for the publishing sector, so we can offer strong proof of reliability and creativity. We are happy to handle the entire project, so the customer only needs to call a printing house. We have done translations for top publishers whose dictionaries can be found on the shelf in every home, and for smaller companies who have decided to introduce foreigners to Polish traditions and history. We regularly co-operate with national and local government cultural institutions, university and art academy presses, as well as well-known Polish museums of art and contemporary history.

We know the power the media holds, and often carry out projects with press publishers (including custom publishing) and web publishers.

We can tailor each message to the preferences and customs of readers in the target country

with the help of our proofreaders and native speakers.

We also translate for self-publishing authors

and are pleased to help them fulfil their dreams of entering foreign markets.

We approach each project with passion for the written word and respect for deadlines. And after work, we come back to our warm home and take a book from the shelf. Because the love of the written word runs in our blood. You have our word!