Software and Website Localisation

Software and website localisation

The Internet may be global, but web users’ linguistic preferences remain local. Our localisation services will adapt the content of your website, software or application to the best format for the target country.

We help websites, software and applications ‘move’ to a new, foreign address. We translate their content into any selected language, including ‘exotic’ ones. But we also take care to modify the details where necessary: standard tab names, the names of buttons and commands, currencies and measurement designations, the date format, the method of navigation and the style of address. You will receive a ready-to-launch web page, application or piece of software that is user-friendly and well-suited to recipients’ preferences in the target country. And, just like the Internet, it will be accessible to the entire world. Just one click, and your words will be available to anyone, regardless of the domain name.