Medicine and Pharmacy

Medicine and pharmacy

Protecting and saving lives as well as improving quality of life – so much lies in the hands of doctors and pharmacists. What lies in our hands is to provide them with top-quality translations, so they can be certain their decisions and words have been communicated correctly.

We offer high-class specialist translations.

We are quality enthusiasts, so when it comes to health, we pay fourfold attention to the accuracy of our translations.

We apply strict quality assurance standards.

We are familiar with industry vocabulary and the international rules for preparing specifications.

Our translators have experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields – we always choose the best person to handle each specific order.

With highly competent simultaneous and consecutive interpreters at our disposal, we are more than happy to organise medical conferences. And when an urgent medical consultation is necessary, we also jump into action – our translators are professional, discreet and empathic participants in the doctor-patient conversation.

We have translated quality control documents for the most recognisable medication and supplement producers in Poland, and have also translated instructions for patients. We have accompanied our partners from other countries on visits to Polish pharmaceutical plants, and then translated the signed contracts with pride. We have co-organised medical conferences. We are always there when you need to talk (or write) about health. Finally, just like our customers and friends from the medical sector, we are here to help. We give you our word.