Smart equipment has made life simpler. Thanks to this flow of information, the whole world is at our fingertips. Applications make our daily lives easier – in small part thanks to us.

Whenever you park your car using a virtual map, you are using our translations. We have prepared instructions for smartphone application producers and . . . for the biggest competitor on the smartphone market.

Our customers include the largest global search engine,

whose history began in a California garage.

We have done translations for a corporation from the mobile phone sector that has taken over the world, despite hailing from a small Scandinavian country. We feel we are a part of these companies’ incredible successes, and we take pride in ‘connecting people’ thanks to our translations.

Most of our translators are young, active professionals who cannot imagine life without modern technologies. So, you can be sure that

any texts you deliver to us will be translated with passion and knowledge of the subject as well as professional vocabulary.

The same goes for our interpretations – we guarantee precision and support a creative atmosphere at conferences or during brainstorming sessions. Just as IT knows no bounds, we

too have no restrictions on the languages we work with.

We have even translated into Swahili! We work as flawlessly as an algorithm and at the speed of light. If you are a start-up, do not hesitate to trust us with your idea – all our translators and editors have signed a confidentiality agreement. And if you want to arrange a meeting with an investor immediately, order a translation of your project from us. As always, top quality comes standard.